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The LaSalle Rowing Club


January 04, 2003

Boathouse and

LaSalle Mariners’ Yacht Club


Present:  Board members:  Herb Colling, Tom Ouellette, Deb Lougheed, Kristine Nohavicka, Anne Colling, and Kirsten Altenhof; members:  Amanda Crowe, Christi Labute, Shane Berger, and Linda Pellarin.

Regrets:  Shealagh Oliver, Andrea Milne, Charlie Morand, and Mary Wilbur sent regrets.


Chair:  Herb Colling


Next Meeting:

Sunday Feb. 02, 2003 at 7:00 pm at CAW Centre, University of Windsor.  Chair:  Tom Ouellette.




Approval of Agenda/Additions: 

The agenda was approved.



Review of Previous Minutes:

No errors or omissions noted.

























President’s Report:  First, and foremost, the LRC executive wishes the members a Happy New Year, and looks forward to an active season. 

The boathouse has been repaired, thanks to the town of LaSalle and

the above members who removed all of the boats on the west wall, so that the town’s welding crew could replace the joint of one roof truss that had separated, and two others that were rusting through.  The other trusses were inspected and found to be secure.  The members returned the boats to their cradles.  Thanks to the members for helping out.

The slashed tires on the trailer have been repaired as mentioned in the agenda notice.  The work was done free of charge by LaSalle Motors and Tom’s son, which saved the club $400.  Tom has already thanked the company on the club’s behalf with a veggie tray paid for by the membership.  The trailer is now secure in the town’s fenced compound where it will be stored for sake keeping from now on.  In effecting the repairs, Tom noticed that the trailer brake lights, and possibly the trailer brakes have been cut and stolen. 









Treasurer’s Report:  Anne has prepared new registration and waiver forms to be issued shortly.  On their issuance, dues will then be due.  Fees must be paid before members are allowed on the water.  They must be paid in full by May 1st, or in two installments with post dated cheques for May 1st and June 1st.  There will be no exceptions.  These measures have been taken to avoid late, or delinquent, payments.


Secretary’s Report: The theory coaching clinic slated for February 1st and 2nd has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  Theory clinics will be made available on March 28th and April 11th for those interested.  Notification will be sent out, and members can make their own arrangements. 

Eleven members have signed up for the technical coaching clinic on March 22nd and 23rd.  The clinic will be held as scheduled.  So far, only four members have paid.  The other seven are asked to remit their dues to Herb Colling ASAP.

Marnie McBean is also confirmed for June 7th.  Five spots are still available for interested members. 













Directors’ Reports:  For other technical coaching dates, contact Kristine Nohavicka.  She’ll attend a session on February 7th and 8th in London with Al Morrow at a cost of $80. 


Deb Lougheed and Kristine are also looking into tee shirts that will promote our LTR program at Fitness Clubs and around town.  The shirts might read simply:  Interested in Rowing?  Ask Me.  Costs will be determined, and shirts printed for members interested.


Kirsten Altenhof is looking into an alternate source for waterproof rowing jackets, as Regatta Sports tends to be expensive.


Re: winter social activities, the next event will be skating to be held Sunday, January 18th at 6:30 p.m. at Charles Clark Square near City Hall.  A tentative date of Saturday, Feb. 15th has been set for wall climbing in LaSalle.  Exact time and cost TBA.











































The executive is committed to getting more involved in activities sponsored by the Town of LaSalle to become a good corporate citizen, and in gratitude of the town’s support.  This includes the Strawberry Festival Parade, as well as other summer events.  A donation of $250 will also be paid on behalf of the members to the town’s new recreational facility fund-raising campaign. 


The board is preparing flyers to promote the LTR for this spring.  Several existing flyers from previous years will be modified and saved on computer disk for future reference.  Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the old computer disk please contact Herb.  The board’s new policies will also be prepared for publication.


The board has noticed that the LRC website is woefully out of date, and plans to change it in the near future.  Some entries will be deleted or replaced i.e.) the club’s history may be replaced by the club profile, the out-of-the-box section deleted, the new executive posted, the membership criterion and fees to be revised, and the LTR information updated.  The club is also looking for suggestions, and camera people to record and document club activities.


The club will hold a membership drive in February and March by both phone and email.  It will poll the members to determine what they want in their club.  A questionnaire or survey will also be developed with key questions for members.


The board will meet next month to determine how LTR’s are conducted, and when they should be held, to begin coordinating the annual LTR program.  The board is committed to conducting LTR’s all summer, if necessary, or as long as the demand is there.  It is also committed to holding an LTR regatta as soon as most of the courses are finished to get new members involved and thinking in crews. 


The board is also planning regular, mandatory, coach boat clinics with driving instruction and life saving techniques and drills for this summer.  This is in the interest of member safety and fairness.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation wants to hold another regatta fundraiser with us in the summer.  







LaSalle Rowing Club Executive

Tom Ouellette, President

Deb Lougheed, Vice President

Herb Colling, Secretary

Anne Colling, Treasurer

Kirsten Altenhof

Kristine Nohavicka