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DECEMBER 7, 2001
The executive of the LaSalle Rowing Club is concerned about the club's longevity and future.  To that end, the club has established a couple of committees to determine where the club will be in five, ten or twenty years.  The Long Term Planning Committee will assess the status of the club's current location, and then look for a permanent home for the club, either in the same spot, but with new digs; or in a new location.  The Fund Raising Committee will make sure the money is in place to accommodate such a move, as well as to provide funds for equipment repair and replacement, and the possible hiring of a coach.

Rowing can be an expensive sport to maintain, and the club executive feels that extra funds must be generated from the community: either corporate sponsors, charity drives or fund-raising activities by individual members.  Club director, Herb Colling will chair both committees.  Club president John Parent will serve on both to coordinate their activities, and club director, Mark Brkljacic will lend his expertise on the Long Term Planning Committee.

To make these committees effective, membership involvement is essential.  The club executive is looking for gung-ho club members with ideas, who care about their club's future, and are willing to work for its long-term survival.  If you're one of those people, contact Herb Colling 728-1579, or ASAP.


Membership Update - Thinking Out of the Box

Fund Raising Committee
The purpose of the Fund Raising Committee is currently twofold: to create sources of funds to ensure the long term survival and stability of the club (i.e., building fund); and to explore all avenues of fund raising available and implement them (i.e., 50-50 draws, private donations, etc.).  Currently, the Fund Raising Committee is in the process of creating and implementing an "awareness campaign" consisting of promoting the local rowing scene (i.e., the LRC) as well as rowing in general in hopes of generating some local business interest in supporting our club financially.  The Fund Raising Committee is working on a packet of information that will be delivered to local businesses in order to solicit their support.  We also expect to be meeting with these people in the new year to discuss the packet and promote the long term viability of the club.  In addition to this awareness campaign, the Fund Raising Committee is in the process of exploring other sources of fundraising.  Regarding this analysis, the Committee will be announcing the results in the near future. 

Boathouse Committee:
As everyone knows the equipment and contents housed within the LaSalle Rowing club’s boathouse is in need of some Tender Loving Care. This past season has proven to be a challenge with respect to the maintenance of most of the club’s equipment.  That is why we have developed a boathouse committee, which is intended to play a major role in providing the necessary maintenance to the racing shells and other assets owned by the club.  The committee’s purpose is to safeguard and maintain all of the equipment needed to place crews on the water during the up coming rowing season.  The Committee is Co-Chaired by Tom Ouellette and John Parent.  Due to the extensive work that must be done to many of the boats it is important that this committee grow in numbers.  We are looking for reliable, interested members to help us organize an effective maintenance plan for all of the assets owned by our club.   You don not necessarily need experience, you need only the will to learn. 

Please feel free to become involved in this or any committee as we develop a vision for the future and move toward a season of fun and victory. 

Safe and properly maintained equipment will not only allow crewmembers access to on the water workouts, it will also assists in increasing the longevity our equipment.  Tom and I encourage you to participate in helping us provide the best and safest equipment our club can provide.

For more information about joining this committee please fell free to contact me at 
519 967 1455 or email me at