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2002 Morning Rows

Rise and shine!  Recreational crews seeing the sun rise.

Rec members wishing it was a little warmer!

Hey!  Who's oar is up in the air?

Who's following stroke?  A mix of Recreational and Competitive members.

The crew is rowing hard.

Splish!  Splash!  Someone's getting a shower.

John and Glenn at the catch.

Glenn with his distinctive head wear.

A most beautiful morning with flocks of birds flying over head.  Argh!!!  Bombs away....

Recreational crews out on Victoria Day.

Herb a little tense at the catch.

Just enjoying the morning row.

Lots of new members.  The club has doubled it's membership.
Welcome all!

More recreational members rowing in the morning.



Shane and John heads up the competitive team with a couple of rec members filling in.

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